Co-Funder participation in a secured short-term loan

  • Hobart,,Tasmania,,Australia, ,September,16,,2017:,The,Landmark,Lenna

    Hobart,,Tasmania,,Australia, ,September,16,,2017:,The,Landmark,Lenna

We recently completed this loan for a high-profile borrower. The total solution is divided into two parts:


Part One – A syndicated short-term loan with an equitable charge, supported by a personal guarantee (PG) was put in place quickly to solve the borrower’s urgent financing requirement.

Part Two –A closed bridging loan with a first charge on the residential property, which would clear the existing mortgage and our equitable charge until the property is sold. 


We funded Part One using a combination of our private capital and funds from three co-funders, each of whom received an attractive high double-digit return with a guaranteed exit in the short term. The syndicated loan was completed with Tenn Capital being the lender of note (security and facility agent). However, each co-funder received direct interest in the loan and the security.


Each co-funder was provided with:

  • Our credit assessment 
  • Copies of all documentation provided 
  • The opportunity to inspect the legal documentation
  • Time to discuss the loan and rationale with our senior team


The loan was filled within 30 minutes of announcement and was oversubscribed 4 times in the end. 

When offering syndicated loans, Tenn Capital operates a “glass box” approach, rather than a “black box”, when partnering with our co-funder network.