Tenn is built to deliver complex bridging loans, whether that is using structures, offshore or international real estate, cross-border bridging loans, significant equity release or lending to foreign nationals or very sophisticated borrowers.

High-value loans

Complex scenarios don’t hamper how much we lend. We are very comfortable offering large bridge loans to borrowers with exacting requirements or in unusual deals.

Challenging properties

We lend in deals where there is a UK or international property that is difficult to use as security for any number of reasons from how it is owned to its location or condition.

Rates from 0.55 PCM

Loans are priced to order. Rates start at 0.55% PCM and will be influenced by the jurisdiction the asset is located in, the complexity of the deal and the exit.

Structuring credit

Tenn lends to individuals or corporate entities and in transactions that SPVs, limited companies, trusts, funds and so on. We are comfortable with UK and international entities.

75% LTV

We can offer up to 75% LTV against a property even in deals where the bridge loan is complex the loan is to execute and needs a one-of-a-kind solution.

Ambitious exits

When we find the right borrower or asset, we can lend bridge loans in deals where the repayment strategy is speculative, aggressive or may be difficult to execute.

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Our approach to complex bridging

Complexity and time constraints are not natural partners. To complete a complex UK bridging loan at the pace, we need to first invest time in working out the situation, complexity, and challenges to work out a solution.

To do this, we need to have a clear and transparent presentation of the facts and the challenges and an honest explanation of the plan and end goal. This part is vital and has to be done at the very beginning. It might sound too “involved” for a bridging loan, but in our experience, it’s the only way to deliver good outcomes in a complex bridging deal.

All that said, there is no reason why this needs to take a long time – we are deeply experienced in this part of the market, and that means we have seen practically every level of unusualness.



Examples of complex deals we have delivered and how we have helped borrowers with unusual situations to raise significant loans against their global residential real estate.


We offer short-term finance to high-net-worth individuals. While we are open to almost any scenario, we specialise in providing finance in complex or unusual situations or when a borrower wants to pursue ambitious plans or needs capital to pursue a high-ROI project. Here’s how we do it.

What is Tenn looking for to be able to write high-value loans?

In any high-value bridge loan, we want to see:

  • A loan amount of £1 million or more. There is no upper limit on what we can lend
  • Prime assets in the form of quality, luxury residential property in a prime location (or locations) anywhere in the world
  • A high-quality borrower backed by solid balance sheets, a verifiable track record and good standing
  • Bridge to clear liquidity with clear and likely liquidity events
  • We can consider speculative exits as long as there is a good plan B
  • Reputable advisers involved in the introduction or who support the borrower. These can be tax experts, lawyers, brokers, real estate agents, corporate service providers and other high calibre advisers and introducers
  • A workable and transparent plan detailing how finance can be managed


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What are Tenn’s lending criteria for complex bridging loans?

Complexity in itself is not a barrier to lending and we encourage anyone with unusual requirements or a potentially difficult deal to reach out to us – we are happy to explore options.

What is key to us in any complex bridging loan is the quality of the borrower and the asset. The better both these elements are, the easier it will be for us to make a positive lending decision.  We don’t have fixed lending criteria and we make progressive lending decisions that take into account all the merits of the borrower’s case.

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What is complex bridging finance?

We consider complex bridging finance to be any deal or any borrower that can’t be served by the bridging loan providers that serve the mass market.

This might look like a:

  • Borrower that has a challenging for any multitude of reasons
  • Property that is difficult to use as security
  • Repayment strategy may be speculative, difficult to execute or appreciate
  • The ownership structure may be involved, international or wide ranging
  • A scenario where there is an international, political or other reason which makes a loan hard to get from mainstream lenders

Our clients are also individuals who aren’t well-served by fixed products or who need a hand-built finance solution that takes into account the way they structure wealth and assets and how they want to deploy loan capital (borrowing via corporate structures, against assets held by UK or international entities and so on).

We are often approached by individuals that need a lender that can take a more holistic approach to lending criteria or the amount they want to borrow. This looks different for every borrower but might be our ability to cater to an individual that has significant wealth but little income, generates income via a trust, has family wealth or are guaranteed by high-net-worth individuals or wants to borrow against a high-value property to achieve a specific objective other lenders can’t cater to.

Why Tenn for complex bridging loans?

Every loan we write is completely tailored to the borrower, their circumstances, goals, exit and the asset. Because we don’t have fixed lending criteria, we can consider the bigger picture and all the merits of a borrower’s case. This means we can lend in scenarios that might be impossible in other parts of the market.

Because we are here to find a solution, we work backwards from the outcome the client wants, rather than trying to match borrowers to fixed products that aren’t an ideal fit. Instead, we offer each client their own product which takes into account their requirements and how their wealth and assets are structured. We will unpick any scenario to work out how to lend, as long as we see the right borrower and the right asset.

We understand lending to corporates, deals that involve various types of structure, international property, unmortgageable property and property held in complex structures – we can cater to all these scenarios as well as in deals which include more than one of these elements.

Can you lend to corporates?

Yes. We are happy to lend to various types of corporate entities, either those incorporated in the UK or internationally. We understand how to structure this type of lending, why (and when) it will be a requirement for a corporate to borrow and how to facilitate and execute the deal efficiently for all parties involved. When we lend to a corporate structure, we will work closely with the borrower’s advisory team and, usually, their corporate service provider to deliver the deal.

When we lend to corporates, we will usually require Personal Guarantees from the UBO(s) of the entity we are lending to. Whenever this is a possibility and we see a quality borrower, we can consider lending.


How much does complex bridging cost?

We price every loan to order. Loans start at 0.55% PCM for prime property in the most popular and liquid prime markets. In other locations which are more unusual or for loans that require more structuring, prices start at 0.8% PCM.

Ultimately, what the loan costs will be based how difficult it is to deliver the deal to the client. Our promise: to offer the most competitive price for the deal and to deliver deals that would otherwise be out of reach for many sophisticated borrowers and high-net-worth individuals. We will be transparent and be able to clearly explain why a loan costs a certain amount.

Are there any complex situations Tenn can’t cater to?

All clients must be compliant with local and international regulations, compliance and AML requirements – if a borrower cannot meet these requirements, we will not consider working with them. Naturally, we cannot work with sanctioned individuals, or individuals convicted of crimes. We only offer unregulated bridging finance and cannot cater to borrowers who need regulated loans, even in complex scenarios we would otherwise be able to cater to.

In addition, we do not offer:

  • Development finance or mid-development finance
  • Heavy commercial or industrial property
  • Low value loans of less than £1 million
  • Ultra high loan to values without a strong rational or additional collateral