Guernsey Bridging Finance

Tenn Capital is a principal lender.

We offer high-value Guernsey bridging finance and equity release against residential property.

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Large bridging loans

We can comfortably offer bridging loans in excess of £10 million

Challenging properties

We lend in deals where there is property that is difficult to use as security for any number of reasons

75% LTV

We can offer up to 75% LTV against international residential real estate, including in deals that involve offshore property or structures

International bridging

When we the right borrower or asset, we can consider lending anywhere in the world. There are no restrictions on where we can lend

Structuring experts

We lend to individuals, corporate entities and in transactions that involve SPVs, limited companies, trusts, funds etc. We are comfortable with UK and international entities

Rates from 0.55% PCM

Rates start at 0.55% PCM. The asset’s location, the liquidity of the market, the borrower’s plans for loan capital and the exit will influence the rate to some extent

Guernsey bridging loans

We are infinitely comfortable advancing short-term bridging loans secured against any property asset in Guernsey. We are headquartered in Guernsey, our team is here, we know the market inside out, and we are very well capitalised for Guernsey finance.

Please talk to us for any funding request, whether for chain breaking, creating liquidity or responding to an opportunity.We are happy to lend to Guernsey individuals, overseas residents, trusts and company borrowers with any degree of complexity.

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Product Case Studies

Examples of complex deals we have delivered and how we have helped borrowers with unusual
situations to raise significant loans against their global residential real estate.

Product FAQ’S

We have a long pedigree in assisting property developers in financing their projects in Guernsey.

Our local knowledge, experience and network are unmatched, and we have a pragmatic approach to funding.

We will happily consider any mandate regardless of size, loan to value, complexity or end value, and look at all forms of collateral to make the deal happen.

For more information about how we offer Guernsey bridging loans, get in touch.

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Does Tenn lend to foreign nationals living in Guernsey?

  • Yes. As a leading financial centre, Guernsey attracts foreign nationals who move to the island for work or via investment. We can lend to any nationality provided they have the relevant authorisations or permits to own residential property in Guernsey.


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Why do you only offer development finance in the Channel Islands?

We deliberately have a wide geographic footprint but a relatively small suite of products. The reason for this is that to be able to provide international bridging globally at the loan size we offer, we need to understand international structuring, real estate markets, credit and borrowers. We do this by having real depth of experience in one type of asset: prime residential property.

Because we are based in Guernsey, however, we can offer more varied bridging products as we are experts in all aspects of the local market. This means we can consider development loans in Guernsey and Jersey but not elsewhere.

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Does loan capital need to be deployed in Guernsey?

No. We are happy to lend in deals where the security is based in Guernsey but the borrower will use the loan capital abroad. This may be in the UK or in other international locations. As an international lender, we know that borrowers often want to use loan capital in other countries for a variety of reasons. We are set up to facilitate this, including in scenarios where the borrower may not be a full-time resident in the country where the loan is deployed.

In any cross-border finance deal, we require that borrowers have a solid plan of how the funds will be managed


Can you offer Guernsey bridging finance through structures?

Can you offer Guernsey bridging finance through structures?
Yes. We understand how wealth, assets and capital flows are set up for high-net-worth borrowers. As a team that has international and Guernsey experience, we understand the various on and offshore entities that will be used to structure wealth. This can be anything from trusts, funds, foundations, SPVs, limited companies and other they of corporate entity.


More than just understanding when borrowers use certain types of structure, we know why they are used and how to build loans around them, either to facilitate their use or to streamline lending. We understand how, when and why UK and international structures will be part of a deal and we can accommodate these with ease. We have experience structuring deals that involve Guernsey or internationally domiciled SPVs, funds, philanthropic entities, trusts and corporate entities.


What are Tenn’s lending criteria?

Our clients tend to be high-net-worth individuals. As a group, HNWI have very broad backgrounds, their wealth, income and assets tend to be too diverse and unique to be able to match to specific lending criteria. As a result, we do not have fixed lending criteria.

To serve as HNWI as possible, we have deliberately kept our criteria to a minimum and our approach as broad as possible. As long as we see a quality borrower and assets – something Guernsey has in spades – we do not require that borrowers meet minimum requirements or have a certain profile. This means we can consider borrowers with unusual, delicate or very complicated backgrounds.



Do you offer international loans structured through entities?

Yes. Tenn is headquartered in Guernsey which is well-known as an international financial centre. Our team has experience working with UK and non-UK structures and international capital flows. We understand how, when and why UK and international structures will be part of a deal and we can accommodate these with ease. We have experience structuring deals that involve SPVs, funds, philanthropic entities, trusts and corporate entities.

Do you offer multi-currency lending?

Yes. We lend in pounds sterling as standard. For deals that involve Guernsey property or Guernsey structures, we can arrange multi-currency lending, including in EUR, CHF and US dollars as standard. We lend in other currencies if needed.

Do you work with Guernsey-based professional services firms?

Yes. We work closely with our clients’ advisers all over the world. We also work with Guernsey-based service providers (tax, law, corporate and trust structuring providers, accountants and so on). Here, we can help you structure short term finance against a Guernsey property effectively, or we can offer bridging loans against international property in deals that involve Guernsey-based structures.

How much can Tenn lend?

We offer high-value bridging finance – anything above £1 million. We are comfortable offering very large loans, including significant loans against a single asset. We are also able use assets in multiple jurisdictions to maximise what can be lent.

What does Guernsey bridging finance cost?

Guernsey bridging finance starts at 0.55% PCM. The cost of the loan will depend on how difficult it is to deliver. Deals that involve multiple structures, assets or a borrower with a very complex background or requirements will cost slightly more but will still be competitive considering how technical they will be to deliver.