We hand select high quality lending opportunities backed by physical security for credible borrowers and offer these to our registered co-funder to participate and share in the returns. These loans can be for any circumstance, be in any form or have any risk profile – our co-funder are free to play in the ones they like and pass on the ones they don’t.

Credit backed loans

All loans have passed through our rigorous institutional grade credit process before being offered to co-funder. Questions are answered, kinks are smoothed and t’s are crossed. We only put forward loans which we understand.

Excellent risk/return profile

We offer a fixed return on every loan – everything is agreed upfront and collected on your behalf. We manage the security, the borrower and the process as your agent. Our documentation and processes have been audited and scrutinised at the highest level.

Vetted high quality security

Every loan we offer will have security attached to it. We will have performed our due diligence, valuation and background checks to ensure our charges are clean and uncompromised. Full details will be disclosed to you as part of the process.

Excellent HNW Borrowers

Our borrowers are typically UHNW borrowers with multiple assets and repayment routes. They are often credible people with a clear profile and are borrowing money for an opportunity rather than to fix a problem. We always know the borrowers inside out.

Tenn Participation in Every Loan

These are not the loans that we don’t want – these are ones which we have carefully selected as appropriate and relevant to our co-funder supporters. Tenn or its shareholders will contribute in every loan.

Credible exit strategies

It’s easy to lend money, its harder to get it back. We validate and stress exit strategies so that we know that they are credible, realistic and deliverable. We will then work with the borrowers to make sure that they exit us as soon as possible.

tenn website bridging finance case study 02

tenn website bridging finance case study 02


We operate an efficient and low-friction approach summarised as follows:

  • We start with a no-obligation presentation of how we operate, our documentation and a walk-through of recent and current cases to highlight the opportunities and security.
  • Then we onboard our co-funder in advance, this is a short paperwork process which allows us to fulfil our regulatory obligations and make sure you are protected.
  • Once we are set up, we will show you and all other co-funder available transactions as soon as they pass our processes.
  • These loans are then reserved on a first come first served basis – pick your loan and decide how much you would like to allocate and that’s it.
  • Once the loan is filled, we complete the process, request funds from you and complete the transaction.
  • We then monitor, communicate and watch the loan until redemption.
  • On redemption, we return your capital and interest.

Risk Warning: Don’t deploy capital unless you’re prepared to lose money. Deploying Capital into these opportunities is high risk. You may not be able to access your money easily and are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong.

Becoming a client of Tenn is entirely at your own risk and the decision whether or not to deploy capital is solely yours. The capital return on any funding opportunity is dependent on a number of factors and cannot be guaranteed. We cannot give assurances as to the creditworthiness of any borrowers, the collectability of any repayment, the quality and accuracy of any information obtained in respect of any funding opportunity or the enforceability of any security. In the event of a default, the timescales and outcome of any recovery is inherently uncertain. Funding through Tenn, you knowingly accept the foregoing risks and you further accept that the role of Tenn is limited to providing access to deals and that information obtained from Tenn does not constitute legal, financial, tax or other advice or recommendation in relation to a funding opportunity, and you will conduct your own research and form your own opinion as to whether or not to participate in a funding opportunity. There is no recourse to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, or other such government run compensation schemes. Tenn is a Guernsey incorporated company which is registered by the GFSC under reference number 2721729.