Equity Release

Using luxury property anywhere in the world as collateral, Tenn offers short-term loans that high-net-worth individuals can deploy to pursue ambitious projects or solve cash-flow problems.

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Large bridging loans

We can comfortably offer bridging loans in excess of £10 million


Challenging properties

We lend in deals where there is property that is difficult to use as security for any number of reasons

75% LTV

We can offer up to 75% LTV against international residential real estate, including in deals that involve offshore property or structures

International bridging

When we the right borrower or asset, we can consider lending anywhere in the world. There are no restrictions on where we can lend

Structuring experts

We lend to individuals, corporate entities and in transactions that involve SPVs, limited companies, trusts, funds etc. We are comfortable with UK and international entities

Rates from 0.55% PCM

Rates start at 0.55% PCM. The asset’s location, the liquidity of the market, the borrower’s plans for loan capital and the exit will influence the rate to some extent

Equity release

High-net-worth individuals have significant wealth and assets built up over several years. However, much of this wealth isn’t necessarily liquid – it’s tied up in long-term investments, multiple properties, businesses, and other appreciating assets. We offer equity release collateralised against a high-value property in an individual’s portfolio. We can use UK or international assets as security. Our clients can use this capital to pursue ambitious projects or solve cash-flow problems.

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Product Case Studies

Examples of complex deals we have delivered and how we have helped borrowers with unusual
situations to raise significant loans against their global residential real estate.

Equity Release FAQ’S

  1. Using property as collateral, Tenn offers borrowers short-term loans that they can deploy in various ways, including solving problems or accessing capital to pursue ambitious projects.
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Why does Tenn offer equity release?

    • High-net-worth individuals often need to access large sums of cash (£1 million and above). This may be to fund an opportunity, investment, or solve a problem. When these individuals need finance in these cases, time is often of the essence, and traditional lenders are often unable to offer finance in the required timeframe – sometimes as little as a few weeks.Wealth or overall net worth is rarely – if ever – a problem in these situations; instead, it’s the availability of the capital which is the issue. If a bank or other traditional lender can’t offer finance, borrowers may have to consider selling assets to generate the required liquidity. However, selling assets to raise cash is rarely advantageous from a fiscal perspective and can seldom be completed fast enough to get the cash when it’s needed. Selling assets also means the individual loses out on future asset appreciation, which can be unfavourable to overall net worth.Banks and other lenders offer competitive finance packages to cover these kinds of scenarios, but negotiations, applications and approvals take time. A bank’s lending decision often takes several weeks, by which time the opportunity has disappeared, or the problem has become more challenging to resolve.When faced with time-sensitive opportunities or problems, high-net-worth individuals often want and need a fast solution where they can be completely confident of finance, rather than trying to sell assets quickly enough to raise the capital they need.We offer equity release to cover all these scenarios (and more). A short-term solution, borrowers, can then use the loan term to source suitable long-term finance packages from banks or other lenders or sell the assets comfortably in a reasonable timeframe.

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How can borrowers used Tenn's equity release loans?

We are happy to see these loans used in different ways. We can consider any scenario as long as we see a feasible and well thought out plan. Common scenarios include:

  • Solve a problem (pay off a debt, cover an unexpected expense, have capital available to ensure a deal will go through, buy an asset they can’t finance otherwise, etc.)
  • Solve a cash flow challenge
  • Buy a business
  • Buy additional property
  • Invest in public markets
  • Pursue a business or personal opportunity that offers good ROI

Why use Tenn as an equity release lender?

Using property as collateral, Tenn offers borrowers short-term loans that they can deploy in various ways, including solving problems or accessing capital to pursue ambitious projects.

Provided the numbers add up, there are very few limits on what Tenn will offer liquidity finance for. We can lend for various scenarios, and borrowers and their advisors approach us to find financing solutions for unique situations.


  • Make lending decisions in 1-2 days, and borrowers can draw down funds as soon as possible
  • Offer finance in complex, unusual and ambitious solutions. We are open to different borrower requests and backgrounds, including situations where a borrower has a high net worth but relatively low income.
  • Act with a pragmatic approach. We understand why high-net-worth individuals may not have significant cash available, and we don’t penalise borrowers for these scenarios.
  • Move quickly. We make lending decisions fast and will then invest as much time is as needed to make the process as fast and easy as possible for our clients and their advisors
  • Are happy to see funds deployed internationally
  • Understand and grasp the scenarios where this type of finance is needed and can underwrite accordingly
  • Are happy to use UK or international property as collateral for the loan
  • Offer an incredibly robust onboarding process, and valuations/legal work carried out by the very best firms

What exits can Tenn consider?

Tenn only offers short-term loans. We offer equity release to our clients so they have the ability to move forward with the transaction or solve a problem as quickly as possible. We lend for anything from a few weeks to around 24 months.

Individuals pay back equity release loans in a variety of ways – we are open to any scenario as long as it is feasible and there is a solid plan in place that we can understand and have confidence in.

Some of our clients choose to repay the loan by selling assets – this can be the property the loan is collateralised on or other assets or property owned by the borrower. In other cases, a liquidity event (divorce, inheritance sale of a business, selling off assets, etc.) raise the necessary capital needed to repay the loan.

Refinancing is also a very popular route. In essence, another lender will repay the loan, and the borrower receives a new loan with a cheaper interest rate (which is usually due to the longer loan term and less complex transaction).

Our equity release offering gives high-net-worth borrowers and their advisors the necessary time needed to make lending arrangements with traditional lenders at lower rates. Many of our clients go on to negotiate long-term finance packages with banks and other traditional lenders.


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How does Tenn approach equity release deals?

  • Our approach to liquidity finance

    We understand the various scenarios that lead a high-net-worth individual or their advisor(s) to enquire about liquidity finance. If we can lend, we will invest as much time as required to see the deal through and completed on time.

    To move at speed, we will need to understand the scenario, the asset, how the borrower will deploy funds and the exit. We start by talking with individuals or advisors to understand all these elements of the deal. We are open-minded, even in unusual scenarios or situations where the borrower needs capital to solve a problem. However, we must have all the details and the whole picture.

    We will be looking to understand:

    • The borrowerand why they need to borrow capital, their strategy and what they want to buy/invest in/the opportunity/problem etc
    • The property,including where it is, its value (an estimation is fine in the first instance – the independent valuation comes later), and its ownership structure
    • The exit, including how the borrower proposes to pay back the loan and how concrete this strategy is.
    • Any relevant ownership structures, i.e., property ownership structures, corporate structures if the funds will be deployed through these, structures the borrower derives income through, etc
    • Any other pertinent details that will help us understand the situation


Can Tenn offer equity release against international property?

Yes. Tenn is a unique lender in the market in that we can cater to international deals. We can lend against international, prime residential real estate anywhere in the world. We can also use property in the UK as security for the loan, and the borrower can deploy funds internationally, either in a single sum or for multiple uses in various countries, if required.

We can also lend to structures or against property held in offshore structures or corporate entities, which requires specific skills and understanding to perfect the asset as well as with regards to the necessary legal and regulatory requirements.

What does equity release cost?

We offer our clients a solution that allows them to access significant capital very fast to move ahead with a project, solve a problem or secure their investment. Every loan is priced to order, but our rates start at 0.55% PCM.

In most of the scenarios we cater to, traditional, long-term loans will be more competitive in cost – this is not something we hide. We price every loan to order, and what we offer will depend on the amount you need to borrow, your plans, exit and the asset at the centre of the deal.

However, while equity release is marginally more expensive than other types of borrowing, it is important to note that this is often negligible compared to the cost of losing an opportunity, investment or defaulting if you need to pay back a debt/expense quickly.

We often work with clients where the cost of losing out on the opportunity is more detrimental financially than the cost of liquidity finance. In these cases, the ROI or future appreciation of the asset/investment (or the advantageous positioning of the borrower after the transaction) is sometimes worth significantly more than what we charge for borrowing.

In other cases, high-net-worth individuals or business leaders approach us needing capital for more personally strategic reasons. Scenarios vary in this respect, but it can be that backing out of a deal would be embarrassing or be detrimental from a reputational perspective. Alternatively, it can be something like if accepting an offer an individual doesn’t have the capital for currently will undoubtedly lead to more opportunities or projects in the future, and so on.

It is also worth noting that in many cases, the ability to complete a transaction quickly, and by a certain date can mean that the overall costs of the deal for the investor are significantly cheaper overall. High-net-worth individuals and their advisors regularly approach us in situations where the fast completion of the deal effectively offsets the interest cost of the liquidity finance.

The reason borrowing from banks is not an option in the first instance is that these lenders are usually simply unable to move fast enough to allow the borrower to draw down funds as quickly as required. Often, by the time a bank approves a loan, the opportunity is gone, or the problem has grown enormously (an individual can’t repay a loan and so on).

We can offer significant finance, and borrowers can draw down funds in as little as 1-2 weeks. While that means taking on a slightly higher interest rate, our clients are unanimously happy to do so when it means that they can complete their deal quickly, they are confident about our ability to fund the transaction, and they can draw down funds in just a few weeks.


How fast do you make lending decisions for equity release loans?

We are built to move at pace. As long as we have the details we need, we can make initial lending decisions in just one or two days.

We know our market, and we know our lending appetite, we are a small team built to move fast, and we lend money we control.

We will give you absolute confidence in your ability to execute your plans as quickly as possible.