We have a specific interest in offering short-term finance secured against prime residential real estate globally. We have significant international real estate experience and are prepared to take a global view to solve short-term funding requirements.

Large bridging loans

We can comfortably offer bridging loans in excess of £10 million

Challenging properties

We lend in deals where there is property that is difficult to use as security for any number of reasons.

75% LTV

We can offer up to 75% LTV against international residential real estate, including in deals that involve offshore property or structures

International bridging

International bridging
When we the right borrower or asset, we can consider lending anywhere in the world. There are no restrictions on where we can lend

Structuring experts

Structuring experts
We lend to individuals, corporate entities and in transactions that involve SPVs, limited companies, trusts, funds etc. We are comfortable with UK and international entities

Rates from 0.55% PCM

Rates start at 0.55% PCM. The asset’s location, the liquidity of the market, the borrower’s plans for loan capital and the exit will influence the rate to some extent
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International bridging loans

Tenn is set up to offer offshore bridging loans at pace. We are experts in offshore structuring, entities and property in offshore jurisdictions. Our clients use international bridging finance to complete international property purchases quickly and to release equity from non-UK property. We can offer multi-jurisdictional loans and bridging finance when the loan capital won’t be deployed in the same country as the asset.

We are happy to offer high-value loans against international real estate. There are no restrictions on where we can lend. Our loans start at £1 million, but we have no hard limit on what we can lend. Even in non-standard international bridging loans (lending to a structure or using an asset as security that is owned by a structure for example), we can deliver loans in as little as two weeks.

We can consider a variety of exits, including refinance, liquidity events and disposal of the asset used as security or other assets in the borrower’s portfolio.



Examples of complex deals we have delivered and how we have helped borrowers with unusual situations to raise significant loans against their global residential real estate.


We are very experienced in navigating international property finance. We have significant experience lending against prime property globally. We can navigate trust and company structures, foundations, funds and multi assets in different locations. 

What is international bridging finance?

    • Tenn is a specialist, high-value international bridging lender.

    We have a track record and expertise in delivering large loans against UK and international real estate. We are set up to lend at pace, and have delivered international bridging finance in as little as 12 days.

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Where does Tenn offer international bridging loans?

We are one of the few lenders who don’t have any limitation on where we can lend.

Provided we can see a quality asset in a liquid market and solid borrower we can consider an international bridging loan.



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Why does Tenn offer international bridging finance?

We understand that many high-net-worth individuals own international real estate or invest in residential real estate outside their country of residence.

Despite having solid financial backgrounds, borrowing against high-value real estate  remains challenging. Many lenders cannot (or do not want) to lend against international assets.  Others find it is challenging to accommodate the international holding structures that are usually used to own such property.

Identifying this gap in the market and knowing there was significant demand for a lender that could offer loans against international real estate or accommodate international structures, we launched Tenn to make it easier for borrowers to lend against international residential real estate.

Does Tenn lend to international structures?

  • Yes. We deliver international bridging finance in deals where: Property is located internationally
  • In deals that involve international structures
  • To foreign or non-resident borrowers who own high-value assets as investments but don’t necessarily live in the same country where they own the property.

We understand how, where and why a borrower will need international real estate and how to arrange the loan using these entities.

What kind of structures might be involved in an offshore deal?

We can lend in deals that involve any offshore entity or structure. What these are will depend on the borrower’s wider wealth planning, estate planning, confidentiality requirements, fiscal planning, optimising how asset ownership and how they structure their income and capital. Trusts, SPVs, funds, philanthropic entities.

We can lend in deals that involve Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, BVI, Cayman, Singapore, Hong Kong, Gibraltar or Swiss structures of various types.



Does loan capital have to be used in the same jurisdiction as the international real estate?

  • No. In many cases, a property in any international location will not be the same place that a borrower generates their wealth. They may simply own an investment property or holiday home. Despite using the property as security for a loan, many borrowers want to use the loan capital elsewhere – often in another country. We call this cross-border lending. We are happy to facilitate deals where the loan is used in a different country than the security.

Can you consider lending against multiple international assets?

Yes, we can lend against multiple assets anywhere in the world, as long as we see a quality borrower and assets. Usually, we are approached for multi-asset lending when a borrower wants to maximise what they can borrow without taking several loans against several different properties.

We can offer a single loan using more than one international property as security to help our clients access more capital and source a one-stop solution for lending.

Can Tenn offer equity release against international properties?

Yes. We understand why sophisticated and high-net-worth borrowers would want to release equity from international properties and we are happy to lend in these circumstances.

How does Tenn offer international bridging finance?

We do not offer lending products and we do not have fixed lending criteria. In our experience writing international bridging loans, the borrowers, assets, exits and reason for taking the loan are too distinctive to allow for criteria. Requiring every borrower meets fixed lending criteria would make the group people we could lend to overly narrow. We are set up to write international bridging loans to as many quality borrowers as possible.

The location of the asset or having lots of international or multi-jurisdictional elements in the loan does not hinder us from being able to offer international bridging finance.


How much does international bridging cost?

Tenn writes every loan to order because the structuring requirements and complexity of these loans will be unique – it is not possible to offer a fixed rate or product. Our loans start at 0.55% PCM for prime property in the most popular and liquid prime markets, including the UK. In other locations prices start at 0.8% PCM.

The fact that international structures are involved in a loan does not necessarily mean a loan will be much more expensive. We are set up to lend via structures and in deals that involve both  assets and entities. We have exceptional understanding of international bridging loans and can deliver these transactions at pace.