We are built to help brokers deliver short-term finance and bridging deals that other lenders can’t. We relish a challenge and are here to help your clients access capital quickly and efficiently. We offer bridging loans of £1 million or more, secured against prime UK and international residential real estate.

Large bridging loans

We can comfortably offer bridging loans in excess of £10 million


Challenging properties

We lend in deals where there is property that is difficult to use as security for any number of reasons

75% LTV

We can offer up to 75% LTV against international residential real estate, including in deals that involve offshore property or structures

International bridging

When we the right borrower or asset, we can consider lending anywhere in the world. There are no restrictions on where we can lend

Structuring experts

We lend to individuals, corporate entities and in transactions that involve SPVs, limited companies, trusts, funds etc. We are comfortable with UK and international entities

Rates from 0.55% PCM

Rates start at 0.55% PCM. The asset’s location, the liquidity of the market, the borrower’s plans for loan capital and the exit will influence the rate to some extent
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We secure loans against prime residential property in the UK and internationally. We can work with you and your clients even if they have complex structuring requirements, if they need a high-value bridging loan, cross-border finance, or in transactions that involve multiple properties. We relish a challenge and are here to help your clients access capital quickly and efficiently.



Examples of complex deals we have delivered and how we have helped borrowers with unusual situations to raise significant loans against their global residential real estate.


  1. Capable of handling even the most technical deals, our experience means we can create solutions for large loans that involve high-value assets, international property purchases and cross-jurisdictional transactions. We are open to almost any scenario.

What does Tenn Capital do?

    • Tenn Capital is a specialist short-term lender. We help brokers deliver bridging loans to clients that are unusual in some way. This might be a bridging loan that involves complex properties, a loan that is secured against international real estate, a transaction that involves structures, or where borrowers are sophisticated. We lend upwards of £1 million and we are comfortable lending in excess of £10 million. As a multi-currency lender, we can offer finance in various currencies.

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Does Tenn have fixed lending criteria?

No. We typically work brokers whose clients are high-net-worth individuals or families or where the borrower has unusual requirements for their loan.

We do have fixed criteria your clients will need to meet because we take a broad approach to lending. We can consider your client’s total net worth, international assets, plans and so on.

As a result, we can make progressive lending decisions and can consider lending in situations that other lenders can’t. For example, we can support your clients if they want a bridging loan to buy challenging property, if they are asset rich but have little liquidity, want to release equity from a property to invest, or if they want a bridging loan to solve a problem or short-term cash flow challenge. Because we are looking at the whole picture, we can often make positive lending decisions other lenders wouldn’t be able to accommodate.

What is Tenn's lending philosophy?

Tenn Capital’s mission is to make it easier for individuals with extremely complex situations to access bridging finance. We specialise in working with borrowers with sensitive personal backgrounds or those involved in convoluted transactions to access unique financing solutions. We offer these borrowers high-value bridging loans for a variety of purposes.

Able to consider bridging finance for almost any set of circumstances, we can contemplate lending to anyone. Tenn Capital can build financing solutions regardless of a borrower’s nationality, residency, personal situation, property location, or property holding structure.

Approaching every situation with pragmatism, we want to lend, and we want to find a solution. Tenn Capital’s credit team will consider all aspects of the deal and borrower – including the soft facts – to find the asset or the right terms to allow us to grant a loan.

We are committed to making quick decisions and releasing funds swiftly and cleanly to ensure that our clients’ transactions run smoothly.

What is Tenn's area of expertise?

The Tenn Capital team has unrivalled knowledge of the high-value international property, credit, structuring and advisory sectors. Our credit team have seen every type of transaction, property, client and scenario. Drawing on this experience, Tenn Capital can tackle any complex situation and lend in scenarios that other lenders wouldn’t consider.

We pinpoint the obstacles that would usually obstruct lending and “think smart.” Then, we build one-off financing solutions for every borrower from scratch, utilising our capital intelligently.

Capable of handling even the most technical deals, Tenn Capital also offers bridging loans to clients with particularly sensitive backgrounds. Our experience means we can create solutions for large loans that involve high-value assets, international property purchases and cross-jurisdictional transactions. In addition, we also enter into co-funding deals, or we can provide “top-up” loans.

How does Tenn lend?

Tenn Capital lends as a service. Every loan is different, and we offer bespoke pricing on every deal.

We are comfortable with complexity. We offer high-value loans to individuals whose bridging finance needs cannot be served by mainstream lenders. Our team is often approached by brokers to create financing solutions for situations considered unworkable in any other part of the market.

We want to help, and we want to lend. However, to do so, we need the full picture and grasp all the play elements. Our small, highly experienced team of credit specialists are experts in creating tailored solutions. So, the more we know about the borrower, the better we understand their situation. In short: the more access we have to the right information, the stronger and faster our lending decision will be.

Tenn Capital’s teamwork actively and aim to streamline every aspect of the lending process for borrowers. When we lend, we do so quickly, issuing a credit-backed term sheet. Most importantly, we release funds cleanly, giving borrowers access to their loan in the minimum timeframe.


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Can Tenn offer high-value bridging loans quickly?

  • Yes. We do not believe that a bridging loan should take longer to deliver just because a borrower wants to a significant amount of loan capital.
  • We are property, credit and finance experts, which means we can move quickly even when we are lending a significant amount.


What does Tenn look for in a borrower?

We always want to see a quality borrower or a fantastic asset. When we see both, a positive lending decision is much easier.

We do not have fixed lending criteria and we are open to considering any scenario – tell us what your client needs, their situation and we will look at more than just the hard facts to be able to offer you a loan. Because of the way we look at your clients, we can consider deals involving have challenging borrower circumstances or property, a borrowers with a sensitive background or who is a PEP and so on. Every client will need to meet internal and standard legal, compliance and AML screening and standards.


Can Tenn lend to structures?

Yes, we do so regularly. We are structuring experts and have experience executing bridging loan deals that include SPVs, limited companies, trusts, funds and so on. We are comfortable with UK and international entities.