High Value Bridging Finance


We are built to provide high value bridging loans secured against prime real estate. We take every loan request on a case by case basis and can offer.

  • Technically no limit to the maximum loan size. 
  • Interest rates are individually priced based on the risk and market.   
  • Clear, transparent and bespoke structure and fees.   
  • No minimum term, up to 2 years maximum.   
  • Multiple security times in multiple jurisdictions.   
  • Comfortable with any ownership structure no matter the complexity.   
  • No limitations on borrower type or background other than by law.   
  • Creative and pragmatic approach to solving even the most complicated scenario.   
  • Rapid process and respect for timelines. 
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Bridging Loans For Prime Real Estate


Short term loans against prime and ultra prime real estate need special attention and a high level of understanding.

We offer an unparalleled level of experience in understanding the value, structure and nature of ultra prime real estate – we get it, or if we immediately don’t, we know whose advice to seek to understand the full picture.

This confidence level in high value property gives us the foundations on which to make high value lending decisions.

With over 20 years of experience in this marketplace, we know what is financeable or what needs to happen to make it financeable. As a result, we can take clear and pragmatic views on the asset and the exit to help our clients solve problems or realise opportunities.




Our Lending Criteria


We don’t have hard rules on what we can or will lend against – and this position is vital for high value lending transactions.

We will look hard at the borrower’s standing and the nature of the property being used as security – this is key. We will then look at how our loan will be exited, how feasible that plan is, and the risks involved.

If we are comfortable with the above, we will do all we can to provide the funds needed to execute the plan, looking at background facts, wider circumstances and additional collateral to make that happen.

We take a wide, progressive and international view on security and are fully prepared to back high calibre individuals with the finance they need.


tenn website jersey bridging finance 04

tenn website jersey bridging finance 04


What We Are Looking For When We Lend


We are looking to write loans with the following characteristics.

High Loan Value – £1m and above with no ceiling.

Prime Assets – Good quality assets in prime cities.

High Quality Borrowers – Solid balance sheets, verifiable track record and good standing.

Bridge to clear liquidity – Lending to clear and likely liquidity events.

Reputable advisers – We take confidence from a high calibre team of advisers.

A workable plan – We like to have a transparent explanation of the plan and how finance can be managed.





What We Do Not Lend Against


We take a wide and pragmatic view of high value bridging finance, and as a result, there are few things where we won’t be prepared to try to help. At the moment, these areas are:

  • Heavy development
  • Hard Industrial, commercial property
  • Leisure without additional collateral
  • Properties in non-prime European markets
  • Trading businesses

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