UK Bridging Finance – Our Current Appetite 

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We lend to high-net-worth people and secure against residential property – we don’t have a set lending policy and take a wide view of a client’s assets and positions to find a way to help.

We are happy to lend to individuals all over the world – they don’t need to be UK residents or UK nationals.

However, these are the sectors of the UK short-term finance market which we are focused on and where we can add the most value:

Large loans

We are set up to offer high-value loans in the UK:

  • Our minimum loan size is £1m and we lend up to £10m and beyond
  • We are comfortable with high-value single assets anywhere in the UK
  • We can offer loan terms of up to 3 years
  • Residential property only
  • We can accommodate some form of light refurbishment

High loan-to-value loans

Presently we offer up to 65% loan to value on our standard terms, however, can go well beyond that in some circumstances, for example

  • By adding a mezz slice to the loan – stretching the loan to value to 80%
  • Adding additional security, for example
    • UK or International real estate
    • Liquid assets, like share portfolios
    • Adding strong trust or corporate guarantees
    • Demonstrating a guaranteed short-term way of reducing the loan to value

Properties held in structures

We prefer to lend into corporate or other structures – it’s easier for us. For example

  • Limited or unlimited companies
  • Companies in the UK or offshore
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Properties held in trusts
  • Then anything else!

But of course – loans in the UK in personal names are fine with us as well!

Second and equitable charges

We are comfortable with high-value second and equitable charges IF:

  • There is secondary security, like an international property or share portfolio
  • The borrower is wealthy and has a diversified balance sheet
  • We have the permission to buy out the first change if things don’t go as planned
  • The total debt is at a reasonable loan-to-value

At the moment we do not offer:

  • Loans against commercial property
  • Development Finance
  • Loans under £1m
  • Loans against boats or planes