Three parts to the business

  • Three parts to the business

    Three parts to the business

When we launched Tenn, one of the things we struggled with often was how to describe what we do. We are often called a bridging lender but it doesn’t really tell the whole story.  We believe we are offering something different; this is because our business operates at a crossover of three separate industries:

1. Short Term Lending

We are designed to help brokers deliver short-term loans. Our minimum loans start from £1 million and have no upper limit.

2. International Property

We are interested in high-quality assets at desirable addresses anywhere in the world. If the customer owns property in a country where they are non-domiciled, no problem. We have the knowledge and experience to handle cross-jurisdictional deals. We are an international lending specialist. We are geographically diverse.

3. Private Client

We work very closely with corporate service providers, lawyers, brokers, mortgage advisors, accountants, family offices and the wider private client industry.


Tenn exists and thrives where those three industries overlap.

We have high-quality, experienced people and access to funds that allows us to consider any loan proposal of any size in multiple jurisdictions.

With the right borrower or asset, we can lend in deals where the repayment strategy is speculative, aggressive or may be difficult to execute.

We can offer up to 75% LTV against international residential real estate, including in deals that involve international property or structures. Loans are priced to order, depending on the loan amount, the asset, and the exit strategy.

Expertise and knowledge in these three industries, mean we can deliver something that is unique in the short-term lending marketplace.