‘The TOM’, Tenn’s new operating manual. A how to guide for each and every jurisdiction we lend in

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When Tenn set out to lend internationally, it was a daunting task. 

Lending around the world, with a multitude of different legal and regulatory frameworks in place, is time-consuming to traverse. 

It was easy to understand why this was the first time anyone had done this type of business. 

However, we were committed to the task and felt that the group of clients we were looking to serve was underserved. 

We decided early on that capturing all the information and knowledge we learned over time was critical. 

We created ‘The Tom – Tenn Operating Manual’ – a how-to guide for each and every jurisdiction we lend in. 

Capturing all the nuance of different jurisdictions – where you need a notary, where you need military permission, where you need government approval, where you go to court to sign documentation and much more.

Fast forward to today, we have completed loans in 15 different jurisdictions, with another three currently in legal execution. 

TOM is a how-to guide to executing debt transactions around the world. It enables us to execute faster, more clinically and crucially, allowing anyone joining us to pick this up and learn different country requirements quickly. 

Most importantly, it allows us to serve clients, Trustees, Tax Advisors, Lawyers, Accountants, Family Offices and brokers widely and confidently.

We are literally writing the book on international debt transactions, which we believe will be a valuable, useable manual for years to come.