Tenn Capital’s Product Guide

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We wanted to share with you Tenn Capital’s product guide but to also share several USPs and our lending mantra.

Attached you will find our product overview however below summarises for you:

  • Loans from £1m with no upper limit.
  • Tenn Capital lends as a service. Every loan is different, and we offer bespoke pricing on every deal,  rates from 8% per annum.
  • Asset class – Residential (prime and super prime) minimum asset value £2m
  • Leverage based on asset and client’s net worth (potentially lend up to 75% LTV will consider higher with support of PG etc).
  • Ability to lend globally and across a multitude of assets (also can look at cross company guarantees).
  • We underwrite deals day 1 and provide a full credit and fund backed offer subject to only valuation and legals.
  • No funding line sign off required at completion.
  • Unrivalled knowledge of the high-value international property, credit, structuring and advisory sectors.
  • Our funds are committed with no requirement to raise equity.
  • Terms from 1 month to 36 months.

Tenn Capital’s mission is to make it easier for individuals with extremely complex situations to access bridging finance. We specialise in working with borrowers with sensitive personal backgrounds or those involved in convoluted transactions to access unique financing solutions. We offer these borrowers high-value bridging loans for a variety of purposes. Able to consider bridging finance for almost any set of circumstances, we can contemplate lending to anyone. Tenn Capital can build financing solutions regardless of a borrower’s nationality, residency, personal situation, property location, or property holding structure.

Approaching every situation with pragmatism, we want to lend, and we want to find a solution. Tenn Capital’s credit team will consider all aspects of the deal and borrower – including the soft facts – to find the asset or the right terms to allow us to grant a loan.

We are committed to making quick decisions and releasing funds swiftly and cleanly to ensure that our clients’ transactions run smoothly.

We want to help, and we want to lend. However, to do so, we need the full picture and grasp all the play elements. Our highly experienced team of credit specialists are experts in creating tailored solutions. So, the more we know about the borrower, the better we understand their situation. In short: the more access we have to the right information, the stronger and faster our lending decision will be.

Tenn Capital’s teamwork actively and aim to streamline every aspect of the lending process for borrowers. When we lend, we do so quickly, issuing a credit-backed term sheet. Most importantly, we release funds cleanly, giving borrowers access to their loan in the minimum timeframe.