Short Term Loan Solutions: How we work with corporate service providers and private client advisers

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Tenn Capital offers the following lending solutions that can help professional advisers solve their clients’ requirements:

Equity release / refinancing residential property

We can refinance and release equity from owned residential property in the UK, offshore, and internationally for a whole host of reasons, for example:

  • Release equity for an acquisition, tax bill, divorce, restructure, or any other reason
  • Refinance to give more time to market and sell a property
  • Replace an existing bank that is not prepared to extend new lending terms
  • Short-term bridge while longer-term finance is arranged

Financing international residential property

We can lend against residential property anywhere – UK, Offshore, Europe, North America, Middle East, and Far East:

  • Finance to acquire the property while longer-term debt is arranged
  • Finance to acquire the property pending other liquidity events, i.e., company sale
  • Releasing equity from the property for any legal reasons
  • Providing funds to refurbish or improve the property pending a sale

Short-term financing

We lend on a short-term basis, 0 – 3 years, for several reasons:

  • Short-term bridge to a liquidity event
  • Provide short-term liquidity to solve a problem or react to an opportunity
  • Funds until a sale or refinance
  • To restructure how assets are held
  • For tax or cash flow purposes

Lending into structures

We are comfortable lending into any ownership structure:

  • Personal name
  • Limited company
  • LLP / LLC
  • Offshore companies
  • PLCs
  • Trusts
  • Foundations

Fast decisions and process

We are set up to give fast decisions and credit-backed offers:

  • No lengthy application forms
  • Pragmatic approach to credit
  • Strong reliance on professional advisers and CSPs
  • Open to multiple approaches to security and repayment


If you would like to learn more about what Tenn offers, please drop us a line. We can meet in person or as part of an in-house training program.