Releasing equity from overseas property

Tenn specialises in international short-term lending. We work with brokers and borrowers looking to release equity from residential real estate overseas.


Your client will want to release equity from overseas property to bring a plan to life or make something happen – whether that’s buying a new property or creating liquidity for another reason. Getting the loan completed quickly means your client can move ahead with their plans, so speed is as essential in international deals as it is in domestic equity release.

Tenn makes international equity release easier for brokers and borrowers. We don’t ask for unnecessary paperwork, and we make lending decisions in 1-2 days. We specialise in international lending, so we have the contacts and network we need to complete deals quickly, anywhere in the world.

No limits on how borrowers can use equity 

Tenn can lend if your client wants to release equity to invest in different projects, buy assets or property purchases, or raise the capital they need to set plans in motion.


We don’t limit how borrowers can use the equity released from an international property. We can consider lending when we see a solid plan, exit, and a great property. We’re also happy to be flexible, and we will consider speculative or very ambitious exits as long as your client has a good backup plan to fall back on if needed.

No borrower restrictions for equity release

Tenn doesn’t have conditions that your client needs to meet to be able to release equity from an overseas property, and we’ll work with you to find a way to lend as much as necessary. The team will consider all the merits of your client’s background, profile and wealth to make a progressive lending decision. If your client is looking to release equity from an overseas property, we can consider lending regardless of:


  • Your client’s nationality
  • Their primary country of residence
  • Their plans
  • Which country your client will use the equity in
  • Your client’s age
  • Income
  • How the security or loan will be structured

Cross-border equity release

Your wealthy clients will often have one or more international properties. While it’ll often make sense to release equity from one of these overseas properties, they won’t necessarily want to use loan capital in the country where their property is located.

For wealthy individuals, profitable projects, business activities and investments are hardly ever confined to a single country. This is especially true in prime locations like Monaco, France’s Côte D’Azur, parts of the Swiss Alps, southern Spain etc. Here, a high-net-worth individual might have a property but it’s unlikely they actively create most of their wealth or income through local businesses or investments. This means there’s massive demand for equity release that isn’t restricted by jurisdiction or a requirement to use the equity in the same country as the property used as security.

Releasing equity from a property in one country and using it in another is sometimes one of the most practical and straightforward ways of borrowing, using an asset that facilitates a speedy transaction and often maximises what your client can borrow. Tenn makes it fast and easy to release equity from a property in one country and use it in another.


Contact Tenn

Tenn works with UK and international brokers and introducers who have clients looking to release equity from international real estate. If you would like to learn more about what we do, when we can help, or our expertise, get in touch – the team will be delighted to talk you through our approach and how we lend.