Four ways Tenn helps brokers deliver international bridging finance

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Complete international property transactions quickly

When it comes to buying prime property abroad, holiday homes and second homes, your clients usually want to complete purchases quickly and enjoy using their property. If they plan to rent the property, they will also want to start generating revenue as soon as possible.

Securing international mortgages for clients is complicated and lengthy at the best of times, and many buyers want to complete the transaction faster than banks can lend. International bridging is a great way of meeting clients’ needs and completing international property purchases quickly

Tenn offers high-value international bridging finance of £1 million or more. We’re happy to lend against property in the UK or international real estate. Even in non-standard international bridging loans (lending to a structure or using an asset as security that is owned by a structure for example), we can deliver loans in as little as two weeks.

We’re open to how your client wants to exit. Refinancing, using capital from a liquidity event or disposing of other assets are common. We make progressive lending decisions, and we’re happy to see different scenarios as long as the exit is achievable.

International bridging as an alternative to international mortgages

It might be a cliché, but time is the most precious resource for many of your clients, especially for high-net-worth individuals. Organising property finance quickly and with as little fuss as possible can be a focus for these buyers who want to spend their time and dedicate headspace to other projects and opportunities. Sometimes, this will be so important that they will be looking for alternatives to an international mortgage (based on how long a mortgage can take to arrange and the time it can add to concluding property purchases).

Tenn is here to help: we will assist you to deliver international property finance quickly to high-value borrowers. We make progressive lending decisions, consider the bigger picture and assist you in providing international property finance to your client as fast as possible.

When clients face losing their deposit

The buying process varies from country to country, but in Europe, it’s not unheard of for buyers to make a binding offer on a property before they have guaranteed finance. They face losing their deposit and the property returning to market if they cannot then complete the purchase. For high-value property sales in Europe, deposits can be millions of euros which will be transferred to the seller if the buyer backs out of the sale.

Here, not only is time of the essence, but stress will be a massive factor, as well. Having a deposit on the line is always uncomfortable for buyers, and that will be exaggerated if they also stand to lose out on a must-have property or lose face if they can’t finance the purchase. As a broker, bridging will be a natural go-to product in these cases, but you will need to find a lender that can offer absolute certainty of funds, or the whole deal can fall apart at the last minute. As a principal lender, we are not shopping the market for finance. If we say we can lend, we have the money to do so and will help your client secure complete property transactions even in tight timeframes.

Buying international property without a local credit footprint

If your client doesn’t have a credit footprint in the country where they are buying property, arranging finance can be more time-consuming and complicated. As a broker, this can be hard to manage when your client wants to complete the purchase quickly or if they have a background or requirements that make accessing mainstream products more difficult.

Tenn is based in Guernsey, and we are set up to lend internationally to borrowers of all backgrounds. We make fast lending decisions based on the merits of your client’s case, not against fixed lending criteria, even in international bridging deals. This means we can lend to your client even if they do not have a credit footprint in the country where they are buying.

We lend to UK nationals buying property abroad and to foreign borrowers looking to finance property purchases in the UK. Lack of credit footprint in the country your client is buying won’t restrict our ability to lend, provided we see a quality borrower or a quality asset – preferably both.

Get in touch

Tenn specialises in international bridging finance and helping brokers deliver short-term loans to borrowers with unusual requests and backgrounds. If you have a client that wants to use bridging finance to buy international property or a non-resident buyer that wants to use a bridging loan to buy UK property, get in touch – the team would be delighted to chat about how we can help