Four ways Tenn Capital helps brokers deliver complex lending scenarios to clients

  • 3.3 million loan?

    3.3 million loan?

We relish the challenge of delivering complex bridging loans and building lending solutions for borrowers and the brokers they work with. Here are four ways we help brokers deliver complex lending solutions to clients:

Complexity is our bread and butter

We are specialists in real estate, credit and structuring. We specialise in delivering complex loans to high-net-worth lenders because it is where we add the most value. We can best put our structuring experience and expertise to use through loans with complex and/or unusual elements.

Complexity is also something that is relative. A loan, borrower or asset you may consider complicated will, in many cases, be something that we can cater to with ease. We regularly lend directly to structures, non-UK residents, against assets in international locations, in deals where loan capital is deployed cross-border, and to borrowers who want to create liquidity quickly using residential real estate as security.

We help brokers deliver more than just ‘plain vanilla’ bridging loans

We believe there has long been a gap in the market for a short-term lender that specifically serves high-net-worth individuals. We launched Tenn with the desire to deliver loans to this part of the market and the brokers that work with them. Amongst others, this means we can:

  • Lend directly to structures, including SPVs, limited companies, trusts, and other ownership structures
  • Offer international bridging finance very quickly
  • Cater to complex borrowers
  • Make lending decisions based on more than just the hard facts
  • Offer liquidity finance for borrowers who want to access capital to pursue a variety of projects
  • Lend against complicated properties
  • And so on

Complex bridging doesn’t mean compromising on speed

We are set up to complete complex bridging finance deals at pace. If we are lending in a complex bridging scenario, we will initially spend time looking at how to build a lending solution for your client. Then we can move quickly per a detailed plan, rather than hoping for the best and troubleshooting as we go. Complex bridging loans can be completed just as quickly as conventional bridging. Still, the investment of time right at the start of the process is often a requirement to ensure we can complete the transaction quickly when things get underway.

We can make lending decisions fast, even for complex bridging deals

We are comfortable with complex bridging, and we know what we need to see to be able to lend. As experts in ‘unusual’ situations, we can evaluate borrowers, assets and the wider facts of the deal very quickly. We are pragmatic and can consider all the merits of the case, and we can make a lending decision very quickly, no matter how complex the scenario.

Here, open and transparent communication is critical. We welcome complex bridging finance deals, and we are ready to move quickly and make lending decisions at pace. All we ask is to have the information we need from the get-go.

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