Embrace the challenges of cross-jurisdictional lending

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    cross-jurisdictional lending1

The challenges of cross-jurisdictional short-term loans are well documented. Economic, legal, and even political complexities all need to be considered, and the intricacies of some clients’ short-term finance needs can discourage mainstream lenders from offering a deal.

However, high-net-worth individuals are rarely confined to one world region, with assets held across multiple countries and in multiple currencies. Consequently, there are plain advantages of being able to secure a short-term loan in one jurisdiction against an asset held in a separate jurisdiction.

Tenn has embraced these challenges by working closely with high-quality advisers, investing in understanding regulation and compliance in multiple countries, and taking the time to fully get to know the borrower and their needs.

This is an underserved market that we are best placed to serve. Tenn is fully committed to creating bespoke solutions for HNWIs who want to buy or release equity from real estate, no matter where they are based or where that real estate is.

Recent loans include:

  • €7.9m loan involving an international asset – a luxury property located in a prime location outside the UK.
  • €12m loan secured against luxury flats in an international location.
  • €3.3m loan to a UK resident to repay existing indebtedness over an international property in a UK company.

In all, Tenn has issued terms secured against property via lending structures in eight jurisdictions.

Loans start at £1 million (or currency equivalent) and there is no hard upper limit. Terms are offered on a bespoke basis, based on the strength of the proposition. Tenn will offer up to 75% LTV against international real estate, including in deals that involve offshore property or structures. With the right details in place, loans can be delivered in as little as two weeks.

If you have clients or would like to learn more about this market, please call us.