David Piesing joins Tenn Capital as a Consultant

  • David


Tenn Capital is pleased to announce that David Piesing has joined the team as a Consultant.

David joins in a part-time role, focusing on deal origination from among his large global network of connections in the private client industry.

He has 40 years’ experience in the private wealth industry and has successfully built many loyal, long-standing relationships with clients and advisors.

“My experience will benefit Tenn through my extensive relationships with leading professional advisors all over the world who have precisely the types of clients needing Tenns unique offering as a short-term lender. There is a perfect overlap between fiduciary structures and Tenns offering,” David says.

David’s long career has involved a heavy fiduciary BD element – he will also continue as a part-time consultant in that industry.

“I decided earlier this year that the time was right for me to step back from my intensive day-to-day oversight and management of client structures and to spend the remainder of my working career doing a few new things which really excite me, with a big focus on business development.

This new role with Tenn complements my fiduciary BD work perfectly because of the close interaction of Tenns lending proposition with fiduciary structures. Ive been aware of the Tenn offering from its birth and have had numerous conversations with Matt (Watson) during which it was clear to me that Tenn really had something unique to offer to the global private client market and I think it was equally clear to Matt that I ‘get it’.

I love not only the offering today but the whole vision of where the business is going, so when the opportunity arose to come on board as a consultant, I very quickly jumped at it.”

David says that Tenns offering is becoming more widely known and that in itself will generate repeat referrals.

“Tenn receives a lot of their referrals currently from brokers and from trust companies, and my aim is to generate referrals from the professional advisory world of lawyers and accountants to broaden Tenns deal referral network.

The key to any successful business in the private wealth space is the ability to generate organic growth. With the right offering and the ability to get its key messages out there to top advisors all over the world, the prospects for Tenn are incredibly exciting.

It is very rare indeed to come across totally new niche ideas and offerings in the global wealth structuring market which have as much potential as Tenns. Its bespoke and flexible to each clients personal circumstances and reflects the ‘can do’ philosophy that I have always been driven by.”