Common scenarios for using Tenn Capital

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We often describe ourselves as being product narrow but geographically diverse. What we mean here is that there are a relatively focused set of circumstances in that Tenn will deploy capital. They largely fall into the four categories below.

Buying a property

If you are looking to finance buying a residential property but need a short-term loan solution to enable the purchase, we are on hand to deliver a solution wherever the asset may be. We can comfortably offer loans in excess of £10 million, with no upper limit. Our minimum loan size is £1m and this is especially important internationally, where frictional transaction costs can often be materially higher than in the UK for example.

Developer exit

This kind of finance is used to repay an existing outstanding development facility. Once the project is nearing completion and the existing funder would like repaid, Tenn can provide a new facility on the property around the world in this manner. This type of loan usually sees interest rolled up for the life of the facility.

Bridge to sale

If you are trying to sell a property, Tenn is very happy to step into this kind of facility. International property markets are often not as liquid as our home market in the UK and Channel Islands so selling property can take a little longer than anticipated.

Equity release

Equity release is usually a tool used by borrowers to generate liquidity for one of two reasons: 1) to solve a problem fast or 2) to help them take advantage of an opportunity. Where a property in their portfolio is unlevered, we are comfortable giving equity release options where the exit is clearly defined.

We provide short-term international lending solutions and crucially, we do this with no AUM requirement.

We can offer up to 75% LTV, with no upper limit. So, whatever your short-term financial needs, Tenn can provide the answer.

If you have a loan which fits into one of these categories, Tenn can probably help.