Co-Funder opportunities in Tenn Capital

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Co-Funder opportunities in Tenn Capital

Tenn Capital is a wholly owned Guernsey registered, alternative short-term finance provider, with additional offices in Jersey and Gibraltar. We offer short-term loans to quality borrowers secured against prime residential property in the UK and Overseas.

We have a significant credit facility from a global leading institution which allows us to compete on the world stage.

However, we often see solid loan opportunities, that are over-collateralised, which offer attractive risk-adjusted returns. We syndicate these loans using a mixture of our capital and capital provided by wealthy private clients, HNWIs and Institutions who participate directly in the loans.


Individuals and institutions who participate in our loans receive the following benefits:

    • Access to quality lending opportunities
    • Clear and accurate information to assist you in making an informed decision
    • Robustly underwritten and screened loans
    • Attractive risk-adjusted returns secured against quality primarily residential security
    • Professional execution and loan management
    • Experienced recovery team in the rare event that things don’t go according to plan


We have used Co-Funder capital in the following ways:

    • To fund “mezzanine” positions on top of our funding line to achieve higher loan to values loans. Mezzanine rates start from high teen percentages per annum and have a minimal effect on the blended interest rate on the total cost to the Borrower
    • To fund approved loans which pass our institutional credit process but which do not fit within our main funding line for policy reasons – this may be borrower profile, loan size or other arbitrary reasons
    • To fund short-term secured loans until our main facility is put in place
    • For development and loans under £1m which have an extremely low LTV and/or for a very wealthy borrower


If you would like to learn more about the opportunities available, how we structure loans and economics please email:

Risk Warning: Don’t deploy capital unless you’re prepared to lose money. Deploying Capital into these opportunities is high risk. You may not be able to access your money easily and are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong.

Becoming a client of Tenn is entirely at your own risk and the decision whether or not to deploy capital is solely yours. The capital return on any funding opportunity is dependent on several factors and cannot be guaranteed. We cannot give assurances as to the creditworthiness of any borrowers, the collectability of any repayment, the quality and accuracy of any information obtained in respect of any funding opportunity or the enforceability of any security. In the event of a default, the timescales and outcome of any recovery are inherently uncertain. Funding through Tenn, you knowingly accept the foregoing risks and you further accept that the role of Tenn is limited to providing access to deals and that information obtained from Tenn does not constitute legal, financial, tax or other advice or recommendation concerning a funding opportunity, and you will conduct your research and form your own opinion as to whether or not to participate in a funding opportunity. There is no recourse to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme or other such government-run compensation schemes. Tenn is a Guernsey-incorporated company which is registered by the GFSC under reference number 2721729.