£1.9 million bridging loan for onward property purchase

  • £1.9 Million Loan Completion

    £1.9 Million Loan Completion

In this case, we lent directly to a UK corporate. The internationally based UBOs were looking for a short-term loan that would allow them to refinance existing liabilities over their property and provide further liquidity.

The deal saw us offer a hybrid bridging loan and liquidity finance solution to our clients. As well as refinancing the property, our clients will use additional loan capital to create liquidity to be used separately from the property refinance. The borrowers will invest this additional capital, allowing them to unlock various opportunities that would otherwise not be available to them. Liquidity finance is a fantastic way to take advantage of projects that come your way as a high-net-worth individual, and we welcome borrowers that want to use finance in this way.

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