Carrie Thoume joins Tenn Capital as a Credit Manager

Carrie Thoume has joined Tenn Capital as a Credit Manager.

She joins the team after a varied career that has given her a wealth of experience in a range of financial positions. Carrie is keen to use that experience in a role which she feels has limitless potential.

“It’s the type and the mix of people we have here that makes it work so well,” she says.

“At Tenn we have the perfect combination of experience, talent, knowledge and belief. There’s work and effort that goes into it, of course. In fact, the work behind the scenes is insane. We are all about finding a solution.”

It’s Tenn’s approach to finding those unique solutions that gives Carrie a buzz when she considers where this step in her career may take her.

“Who knows where Tenn is going to go? There may well be times when we will be coming up against things that we haven’t yet experienced, but that means we can come up with a whole new play book.

“I think Tenn is a really interesting business. The team have a level of self-belief that is incredible. I can’t explain it to people who have not been in it but I guess that comes from the amount of work they have done so far.

While her prospects are inspiring, Carrie remains focused to life outside Tenn also. Married to Craig and with a young son, Carrie says the option to be in the office or work from home is hugely valuable to her.

“I will be office-based but with the flexibility to work from home whenever I am able or need to. Time flies by: it is so important as a parent to have time with your family.

“This is why working at Tenn will be so good for me. It is not over-restrictive here. When you have this flexibility, you are more likely to go above and beyond for your employer. There’s trust and respect on both sides.”

Carrie has a close work contact alongside her at Tenn – Claire Pipet, Tenn’s Senior Credit Manager. It’s a long-time relationship that they are keen to develop even further.

“I worked with Claire at EFG Private Bank for almost 10 years. She mentioned that she knew the perfect position for me, if I fancied applying for it. The day before I went on a holiday, I was told of a possible role. So, I came for a chat, although I had just passed my probation at my previous employer. I had my interview at Tenn and I knew immediately that this was the role for me; it really was a no-brainer.”

Carrie sees her varied working experience as a benefit that she will use fully to her advantage.

“I worked at RBC in banking for three years, then at Close as a trustee custodian for five years, and then at EFG, back in banking. I had intended to cross-train in every department, but I stayed in the credit team for nearly 10 years with Claire. I was promoted to Assistant Manager but after lockdown 2020 it was decided the whole Guernsey office was to be made redundant. After that, I worked in funds at Belasko, and now I’m here.

“It’s a huge asset to have a varied background, and my role at Tenn will also be varied, which is what I love. I am never afraid to learn something new.

“Nothing is impossible. At times things are difficult, but if they weren’t then everyone would be doing them.”