Fast Bridging Finance


Everyone expects bridging finance to be arranged fast – that’s a given. It’s often used in a time pressured situations where the plan hasn’t or won’t come together, but that’s not always the case.

When timeframes are tight, we can offer lending terms and then complete transactions in a matter of days. Moreover, we lend money we control, meaning we don’t have to get external approval or sign off.

Our process and team mean that we can rapidly get to the bottom of transactions and provide credit back terms as close to instant as you would expect. Then our experience and network mean that we know how to move all the processes along to complete as fast as possible.

As with everything, the process is key here – fast and transparent disclosure of facts and efficient delivery of the information needed to make a decision is vital – we will help you understand exactly what is required after our initial discussion.

If you are in a hurry, please call us as soon as possible.




Fast Decisions and Fast Confidence


There is a difference between quickly getting to a position of confidence that the funding needed is available and completing the loan quickly. The first is always very important – the second less so in the vast majority of cases.

For many of our clients, the most important thing for them is getting quickly to the point that they are confident that they can assess the funding they need to solve their problem or respond to an opportunity. On that basis, there is less pressure to draw down the funds.

We know our market, and we know our lending appetite, we are a small team built to move fast, and we lend money we control.

We will give you absolute confidence in your ability to execute your plans as quickly as possible.





How To Get A Fast Bridging Loan


Our lending decisions are individually agreed upon and are based on our knowledge of the transaction. The better our understanding, the better the lending decision.

So, to make a fast decision, we need all the information to come to us as fast as possible and as clearly as possible.

The first step is always a call – talking through the loan requirements, the wider plans and circumstances. That is the best way to fully understand what’s involved, what the challenges are, and what’s involved in the transaction.

After this, we will need a few things:

  • Full details of the properties being used as security.
  • Full details of the borrower and the ownership structure.
  • Details on income, assets and liabilities.
  • Other supporting documentation on a case by case basis.

We will let you know what’s needed in one go, and we will then work on the case once we have all of that information.

We will also need a valuation and will instruct that as early as possible in the process, and lawyers will also need to be engaged – these things will happen at the right time.

We are big on communication, clarity and openness – we will work as hard as possible to deliver what you need if we think we can help.


Opportunity finance lender

Opportunity finance lender


What Slows Us Down


There are a number of things that cause barriers to our ability to deliver lending terms at pace:

  • Unclear proposals
  • Missing information
  • Documents being provided piecemeal
  • Changing plans or worse, changing information
  • Seeing the same deal from multiple sources
  • Slow responses for requests for information
  • We like to think we are on the same team, and we are more than happy to work tirelessly to deliver the finance you need.

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