Complex Bridging Finance


Complexity is relative – and we have worked through the entire spectrum of challenging lending cases.

Complexity can sit in any part of a bridging finance case:

  • The borrower may have background challenges for a multitude of reasons. 
  • The property can have a billion things wrong, which makes it difficult to use as security. 
  • The repayment strategy may be speculative, difficult to execute or appreciate. 
  • The ownership structure may be involved, international or wide ranging. 
  • There may be international, political or other reasons which make a simple loan hard to find. 
  • We will look at the hard facts and the soft facts; and work with you and the team of advisers to find a solution. 
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Our Approach To Complexity


Complexity and time constraints are not natural partners. To complete a complex bridging loan at the pace, we need to first invest time in working out the situation, complexity, and challenges to work out a solution.

To do this, we need to have a clear and transparent presentation of the facts and the challenges and an honest explanation of the plan and end goal. This part is vital and has to be done at the very beginning.

It might sound too “involved” for a bridging loan, but in our experience, it’s the only way to deliver good outcomes.

All that said, there is no reason why this needs to take a long time – we are deeply experienced in this part of the market, and that means between us we have seen practically every level of unusualness.

Open and clear communication, a collective approach to solving problems and a well managed process to conclusion are all needed.





A Fast No, Or A Confident Yes.


We cant lend in every situation and we are laser targeted on the type of business we as a lender wants to write. And for that reason we will more often than not say we cant help with a transaction.

If we can’t help, we will explain why clearly and, most importantly, we will so that quickly so that you can continue in your search for the finance needed.

You can take confidence from our experience, market knowledge and pragmatism however if we say we can help, that will be on the basis that we truly think we can offer the funding needed. We are not here to say yes to win time for us to work out if we can.

Yes means yes, No means we are sorry but we can’t help this time – we will get one of those to you as soon as possible once we truly understand the facts and for either, it will be very unusual for us to change our mind.


What We Don’t Like


This list is not exhaustive, but at the moment, we don’t want to lend in the following situations:

  • Regulated Bridging Finance
  • Vanilla Bridging Finance, where the price is the decisive factor
  • Development finance or mid-development finance
  • Heavy commercial or industrial property
  • Property outside of Europe
  • Low value property unless in the UK
  • Loans to sanctioned individuals
  • Loans to individuals convicted of crimes
  • Loans to corporates without Personal Guarantees
  • Ultra high loan to values without a strong rational or additional collateral

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